Examples of Perch in a sentence The birds commonly perch on the strong cable wire before diving down to the ground below. We had excellent views of a Desert Wheatear perched on a small acacia bush and Julia found a male Stonechat perched on stubble. Here are some examples. The difference is that instead of performing the move on a floor, or even on the relative security of a toe shoe, the flyer is once again perched above the base, spine completely straight (to avoid falling over). The crowning exploit was the reduction of Aornus,' a stronghold perched on a precipitous summit above the Indus, which it was said that Heracles had failed to take. Examples of Perch in a sentence. distant, through the lovely glen by the river-side, leads to the mansion of the Drummonds, perched high on a lofty cliff falling sheer to the stream. The story in Acts differs slightly from that in Josephus, who describes how in the midst of his elation he saw an owl perched over his head. Not that he used the front door, but it's where Cat was always perched when he returned. Squirrels would perch on the rooftop in order to analyze their surroundings for food on the ground. They were obliged to use an outhouse that was perched on the banks of the river. Wrapped in 18K white gold case and perched to a pair of blue Alligator strap, this Cartier Tank American men's watch is simply astounding. She collected what she could find and perched in a chair, reading until sundown, when the hunger pangs hit her again. Just mud! High perched decking can be a real cause of neighbor dispute. Messengers perched near the door in one huddle while various warriors, Rissa's counselors, and strangers occupied the floor area. Learn more. We had excellent views of a Desert Wheatear perched on a small acacia bush and Julia found a male stonechat perched on stubble. Closer to the water, on rocks at the bottom of the cliffs, immaculate Swallow-tailed Gulls could be seen perched. Are there any birds perched on this tree? One sat perched on Kiera's bed, watching her sleep. Books perch on students’ laps during reading time. She flooded the studio with light, then pulled another blank canvas from the closet and perched it on her easel. (open, save, copy) He perched on the edge of the desk, the fire casting shadows across his perfect, chiseled features. Perched high upon a tower, a long-haired woman writhed wildly, bare feet waving. male perched on a plant at the back of the herb bed. All sorts of spells: how to stop the cattle-plague with a plough, and how to cure children by putting them under the, Though, upon the whole, I greatly admire and even love the brave, the honest, and learned Captain; yet I take it very ill of him that he should so utterly ignore that case-bottle, seeing what a faithful friend and comforter it must have been, while with mittened fingers and hooded head he was studying the mathematics aloft there in that bird's nest within three or four, Not to inherit by right of primogeniture, gavelkind or borough English, or possess in perpetuity an extensive demesne of a sufficient number of acres, roods and. 3. Check the meaning of perched. At least three more perched on television aerials all at the same time. We also saw Cloven-feathered Dove and perched goshawk here. kingfisher perched very close to the boat for several minutes. Instead of seeing through your character's eyes, you are perched behind and just above your avatar. We had good views of a perched Red-headed vulture and at one point we had Long-billed and White-rumped Vultures circling together for comparison. Walk carefully along the shore (water sandal or sneakers are advised for protection) with the goal of finding a high perch with a view of the entire rapid. Can you make a sentence using the word crow? I finally managed to see a splendid male perched in a tree during the last riverbed walk on 24th near Tambdi Surla. We retrace much of the route across the country to Wangdiphodrang, the site of a monastery perched high above the river. For good measure, a saltwater swimming pool is perched on the edge of the ocean. Vertiginous shots of campaigners perched on the top of old-growth trees set to powerful music made this film much more than mere radical reportage. 2- He had a cigarette perched on the corner of his lips. Chocolates with sugary butterflies perched on top. It also has an electric scoreboard, perched between the two tiers. 2) He raised the water bottle to his parched lips. A robin perched upon my sill, the sign of a coming morn "Mother's dedfully good," said Baby, poking up his face from her knee where he had again perched himself, to kiss her.. Denton paused with his fork half way to his mouth, the saucer of cake perched delicately on his other hand. Need to translate "PERCHED VILLAGE" from english and use correctly in a sentence? At the same time, when viewed from the exterior, the main dome rises large, bold and commanding, with nothing of the squat appearance that mars the dome of St Sophia, with nothing of the petty prettiness of the little domes perched on the drums of the later Byzantine churches. HERE are many translated example sentences containing "WAS PERCHED" - english-french translations and search engine for … The principal town is Safed, perched on a white mountain 2700 ft. It had not moved from its perch. I asked her rubbing my eyelids, the rays of sun, The movie sound of music: glorifies what birds do: climbing up into trees and, Fluffing his feathers and tucking his proud head under his left wing he relaxed his body and eased forward locking his feet into their. From his perch of frozen. dumpy shape can often be seen perched on gate-posts or telephone poles. They're finding themselves perched on some of the best-known noses in the world. 3- A couple of crows were perched on the telephone wires. Her house was precariously perched on the edge of the hillside. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 3) The parched soil drank in the rain. She perched on the edge of one table, fidgeting hands in her lap and bright features alert as she focused on some point on the screen. : A lapdog slept on her knee, a parrot and a monkey were on perches by her side, the litter was followed by servants and by guards. Whether you wear them perched on top of your head as a fashion accessory, or simply to protect your eyes, it's difficult to go wrong with Chanel. Written as this name is in pictures or rebus, it probably suggested the invention of the well-known legend of a prophecy that the war-god's temple should be built where a prickly pear was found growing on a rock, and perched on it an eagle holding a serpent; this legend is still commemorated on the coins of Mexico. great hornbills were seen perched as well as flying low between tree tops. seafaring nation perched on the bow of Europe helped to discover much of the New World. Use ‘perched’ in a sentence | ‘perched’ example sentences 1- She perched on the edge of my desk and began to chat. I am sitting on the piazza, and my little white pigeon is perched on the back of my chair, watching me write. She could not see Peter at all from where she was, Harrison glanced at his wife and kids, who were, Tommy scanned the area, even the tree I was, I walked out into the open until I could see it, The creature sat in the middle of a clearing, A tremendous crashing rocked the two birds where they, At that moment a white Blackbird, that was, There were small hamlets on the mountainsides. I stopped to take a seat and perch on a rock during our hike. She replaced the legging and perched delicately on the loveseat beside Katie. It's hard to imagine, perched on a hillside overlooking the smaller-than-expected Valley, that it's one of the best spots on earth for growing grapes and making wine.