When i saw this drama it's fload of tears. wayer Oct 27 2019 9:47 pm Beautiful World is an interesting funny and exciting movie that will make you feel the meaning of been loved by your family. I hope it's a happy ending for Seon Ho's family! Sher_dhika Apr 17 2020 1:17 am Albeit the show itself is great so far. And perpetrators were from the future of our society, aided and abetted by their parents. I was debating whether to watch this or not for a year and yesterday I decided to give it a go. KBUG. Zo Mar 22 2019 10:19 pm Song Joong Ki. One thing i really like this drama is it has advocacy and it help me a lot, also there's something special about this drama that make's you watch more and more... Janna Nicole Jun 07 2020 8:32 pm I think this drama will be so emotional. First time commenting on a kdrama, but this one was such a good story and the actors were incredible. Was excited to see that hes finally the main lead but turns out hes still not actually the lead. Their son, who is in the 3rd grade of middle school, is seriously injured due to school violence. So watch it and you will understand why the ratings are increasing every week, belle May 13 2019 1:58 am Tiara May 22 2019 2:40 pm This is gonna be soooooo good....as always with JTBC! perfect. this is not a recommendation, this is me telling u that u MUST watch it. Episode. The OSTs are good too and after I finished watching this I felt warm. This entry is part 11 of 14 in the post series Beautiful World Review In light of Shin Dae-gil’s death, all signs point towards a premeditated crime. I can't wait, Zee Mar 24 2019 5:32 pm Con Santos May 11 2019 8:02 pm Kdrama World. corrupt power holders, bootlicker school officers, unpassionate police. It’s been a long 4 years since actor Park Hee-soon (Missing Noir M) was last in a drama, and he has confirmed that he will be returning to dramaland in JTBC’s upcoming melo, Beautiful World.. A terrible incident takes place in which a student becomes critically injured in an act of violence at school. The Park/Kang family are among the best on earth. My personal rating, ann Jun 07 2019 6:57 pm Baca juga: Coba Denger 3 Lagu Soundtrack (OST) Kdrama Confession. Thanks for a touching kdrama, love Ho-ho family :). i first wanted to watch this drama is because of you ? That scene really got me. I prefer this kind of drama than romantic one.♥️♥️♥️. Genre: Melodrama, family. A lot of people seem to be backing out since this show seems to be a ride full of frustration, anger and heartbreaking bullying. Such a beautiful kdrama....i just finished watching it....so good. As Su-ho in Beautiful World she has again lived up to her reputation as a player of sensitive roles. this tv-series making me sad and feel mad at the same time but it has a beautiful story. Kdrama Idols. updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); Really looking forward to this family melodrama! See more ideas about korean drama, drama, kdrama. The idyllic life of an ordinary family is shaken when their son falls from a school building during a cold night. The plot, script are well written. Photobook, Polaroidset of singers + 2 actors paper stand) by Her Private Life / O.S.T. Shir Cohen Dec 14 2020 7:01 pm Debutnya... Memulai karirnya sejak 2013 di serial drama School, Shin Hye Sun didapuk menjadi pemeran pendukung di serial yang menceritakan... Bukan rahasia lagi jika China salah satu negara yang berkembang dengan pesat. i agree with all the comments before me, sun ho ya wake up soon ? Maybe you haven't been hit by reality how cruel this world this. One word for this drama, Perfect! ). My heart hurts after watching this but I still want to continue even though it will be emotionally hard to watch. See more of My K-drama World on Facebook ... EXO Planet. This is deeply disappointing! Beautiful World is a TV series worth watching. i hope those people who being violent/bullied by their classmates or friends should be opened to adults. I love it very much. Super super deep. Sayya Nov 03 2020 10:41 am Park Moo-Jin works as a high school teacher and Kang In-Ha runs a bakery. Shoot! wuaaa... best actor!!! Miss. Your anger will go up as you're about to explode. This time, it doesn’t take Sun-ho’s parents time to convince the police to investigate Shin’s death because the detectives had been following Shin prior to his death. I am over the moon with this drama. Translation exercise for beginners This collection is for the shortest songs and poems on LT. You would be emotional. Her Private Life (Korean Drama Soundtrack) (Incl. I wanna watch this already. See more ideas about Korean drama, Drama, Kdrama. Kai Apr 24 2019 3:15 pm Episode 2. I become more aware of my surroundings, the people, and feel the urge to aid the cause in some way. before watching, provide tissues. BlackMoon Feb 09 2020 10:04 pm But I believe that shows like these should definitely be seen at some point as they are so powerful. goodluck and godbless to this show! Do you know how horribly painful that is? EXO-CBX – Beautiful World English Translation. The actors are awesome I love all of em oh.. except joon seok’s dad lol he’s a good actor though. Park Hee-soon to make drama comeback in Beautiful World by tccolb. She is trying too hard to be emotional and you can see it so clearly. I Like The Most When Park Jeon Ho's Awake Cause it makes me feel Better, Criselle Mae Jun 07 2020 8:26 pm 0 comments: Post a Comment. ... Video Creator. Yes. //]]>, //. Beautiful World ( Korean : 아름다운 세상; RR : Areumdaun Sesang) is a 2019 South Korean television series starring Park Hee-soon, Choo Ja-hyun, Oh Man-seok, Cho Yeo-jeong, Nam Da-reum and Kim Hwan-hee. Oh Joon-Seok must be burned at stake so that his parents know the pains of the victim's parents. Beautiful sunset, as beautiful as you ... Korean Drama. Thank you, next. Nice music nice lyric) so far the best ost for this year. Yes, this drama is worth to watch but prepare a tissue box for every episode. Online, everywhere. Lee Chung Ah hairstyle is really weird and annoying for me, Jenny Ruby Apr 12 2019 4:55 am They have never experienced failure or lacked anything. Beautifulworld May 26 2019 12:06 am R Jul 04 2019 11:29 am If you hit someone hard enough to break a bone why should it matter if you are 15 or 25 or 55?! W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="+W4GRB.pid[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); 7. Tiger JK And Bizzy – A Beautiful Lie Personal Blog. Entertainment Website. The incredible acting is what makes this ten times more intriguing. I've never seen a drama where all the cast act so well. Sana Malik May 26 2019 5:45 pm query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); Dareum really played a bit part but i hope he can wake up from the coma soon cause i really expect to see more of him in this drama. Lee ryu Apr 06 2019 10:03 pm Already crying for the teaser, dareum ah ?? Anita May 10 2019 6:26 pm love from Philippines ? Another story line like a sky castle??? The drama is really good but I hope sun ho wakes up soon it’s kinda disappointing that he’s not really in the drama. All rights reserved. Your sadness will go up as you're about to scream. I was already sadden within the first few minutes of episode 1 and the beautiful ost made tears fall out. Nam Da Reum~aaa. | Privacy Policy | Contact, http://asianwiki.com/index.php?title=Beautiful_World_(Korean_Drama)&oldid=1180897. This drama is right up there in my top 10 of all time. Directed by Park Chan-hong (박찬홍). Pasti kebingungan... Memilih mengikuti wajib militer di usia muda, Kim Jung Hyun merasa bersyukur bisa lebih fokus ke akting karirnya. 이드라마는, 진짜 대박!!! Title: 아름다운 세상 OST Part 1 / Beautiful World OST Part 1 Artist: Ha Eun (하은), Han Bin (한빈) Language: English Release Date: 2019-Apr-19 Number of Tracks: 2 Publisher: Warner Music Korea (워너뮤직코리아) Agency: Music Story (뮤직 스토리), Tagall (텍크올) Track Listing JTBC never fails to impress me! Lagu ini memiliki arti yang mendalam yang bisa membuatmu menangis ketika menghayati artinya sambil menonton drama Beautiful World ini. Its entrasting to watch and surely make u cry.... the actors act well but I dont like sonho mom's its not about sonho mom acting, her acting is so good but, I dont like the caracter like sonho mom who always exploding her emotion, I like a caracter who looked always stong and understanding situation. I really love this healing drama ,nice plot & very artistic .Its the best family drama for me.I think teens should watch this drama ,also its good for parents . "Beautiful World" is a 2019 Viki Original drama directed by Park Chan Hong. Kdrama Realm. Beautiful World [K-Drama] A emissora coreana jTBC está realmente disposta a criticar o sistema educacional coreano, e a prova disso é que além do memorável SKY Castle , a mesma lançou ainda neste primeiro semestre de 2019 o dorama Beautiful World . Actor. I just finished ep 1, so emotional and make exhausted watch this because of the premis and heard news about Nam Dareum and i didn't regret it. hollymool May 15 2019 4:13 am Their peaceful days soon turn into a hellish experience. if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") I already crying in the first episode omg. I personally find shows like this to be very insightful. But One Warning: This Drama Is Extremely Deep And Painful To Watch. The parents coverup for their son's misbehavior. Baca juga: Coba Denger 3 Lagu Soundtrack (OST) Kdrama Confession. Kids these days are not as innocent or ignorant as 100 years ago. This drama is really deep. Like, seriously, all the characters, even Jung Yong Hwa (playing Shin Woo) who people keep dissing saying he's a horrible actor, is just EPIC in you're beautiful. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy . Just like the name of this movie sounds, that exactly what Beautiful World looks like, beautiful scene, this Korean drama will make you wish you had a family like their. Extraordinary You Drama. So please don't say she is trying too hard, she is simply putting her self into an extremely difficult role. See more of My K-drama World on Facebook. This drama is on another level. The less than impressive viewers' ratings for this drama did not do justice to the superb acting performance of the cast especially Choo Ja Hyun who played the mother of Sun-ho. If you watch sky castle it is almost the same as this drama, These dramas are also both under/shown in JTBC. Buah ini juga biasa digunakan... Bagi sebagian orang memasak adalah hal yang mudah, tapi bagi sebagian lagian lagi tidak. The music is mind-blowing. When the school and police simply view the incident as a suicide, the family strives to gather pieces of evidence to uncover the truth and get justice for their son as they patiently wait for him to wake up from coma. Whether it may be in our local communities or through social media, I think we can are capable of a lot together, and shows like this can serve as useful tools in understanding problems to improve/solve. The casts are wonderful, especially the kids. Saat liburan banyak hal yang harus dipersiapakan untuk menciptakan liburan yang menyenangkan. My poor boy Dareum I'm already crying buckets for him. thank you so much for this beautiful and touching kdrama. They can turn to evil due to their selfishness and stupidity, particularly when raised as the only child in a affluent family. Nicole May 17 2020 10:26 am Drama Series OST. W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; Jul 25, 2017 - Links To Download or Watch Online, All Korean Dramas of 2016!!. Rityka May 19 2019 2:45 am finally nam da reum is playing his character, not a younger version of an adult character... another great actor... Lara Apr 30 2019 10:25 pm 2 : The Most Beautiful Goodbye in the World Says: November 29th, 2017 at 9:20 am. Screenplay by Kim Jee-woo (김지우) •Family •Melodrama jTBC | Airing dates : 2019/04/05~2019/05/25. © AsianWiki.com. Since I watched the K-drama Sky Castle first than this drama, I can't help too think that this drama is just another SKY Castle too. the genre focuses on Family, School Violence/Outcast and Hierarchy which is heartbreaking and makes you mad. Can't wait to see the end. cryptocrystalline Apr 21 2019 8:10 am Beautiful World. Young adolescents were involved in despicable act ostracizing their peers, instigating wrong doings, fawning, wheedling and so on. The cinematography gives so much beauty that I see bright light in a very blissful sense. it shows how wrong doings of adults affect children how it affect to make them evil.I really loved all members of the Park Family.Dad & mum was amazing ,they were the perfect & ideal couple always for each other,its not amazing that their kids were so good & affectionate . please. It took me so long to watch this drama because i read a lot of bad feedbacks and it has low ratings, but at the end of the day i endup watching it and its worth to watch.. A grieving mother, a grieving father, sister, aunt and parents trying to protect their children. If you are in a mood for a light-hearted show, then maybe yes, this is not for you right now. We've been encountered to this kind of setting countless time. Media. TV Show. The teaser has me scared. It is not a beautiful world! it's so heartbreaking, Gidarin May 12 2019 7:25 am Jul 20, 2020 - Explore Sharon C's board "K Dramas" on Pinterest. Park Sun Hoo is in a coma. Zen Mar 01 2019 5:18 pm an exciting story, crazy talented actors, genius characters, a huge instructive lesson and even beautiful touching osts(: This drama make me so much stress and sad and emotional. Interest. It is executed very well, with great acting, good actors, music and story. Like this drama W4GRB.pid[1]=210376; it's amazing. Hear us on SBS PopAsia Digital Radio Listen in 24/7 on Digital Radio , by downloading our … Unlike some other Korean dramas, Reunited Worlds shows a variety of unusual cinematography. Oh...I really can't think of words to explain about this drama. And even bullying issue needs to get some spotlinght so we can learn about how to handle it. I really wonder at parents who not only defend their criminal child but also encourage them to be more violent or lie more discreetly not to get caught and as a teacher I have met some parents like that! Woah, I like this kind of drama. How can you judge the acting of someone who is portraying a grieving mother. Park Moo Jin works as a high school teacher and Kang In Ha runs a bakery. thanks. Mulai memotong bawang yang bikin... Menjadi orangtua adalah impian bagi siapapun terutama pasangan rumah tangga. Beautiful World emanated full of bodacious feelings from the start. Ciepao Jan 06 2021 5:30 am sequel to SKY Castle ? Thank you writer nim, director nim for doing this drama. Video Creator. Every episode just gets more interesting and sometimes frustrated because the truth is always hidden. They commit crimes knowingly and make complicated plans like the Mafia! JinShii Apr 22 2019 10:02 pm Laws that excuse the under-aged just bc of age should be abolished! And I also like the family, friends, and siblings relationship in this drama. honeeyaah Apr 28 2019 1:00 pm They are both from wealthy families. linda May 03 2019 10:30 pm Does anyone know the name and singer of that beautiful first song? Newer Post Older Post Home. [Korean drama] Beautiful World. So... Is DaReum still un a coma? if you are looking for an answer on whether to watch this drama or not, This is the comment you are looking for. Sel Apr 19 2019 5:02 pm Maybe you haven't experienced it so it's not normal. Not to mention, JTBC is known to make them very gripping and interesting. This is not going to be rainbows and sunshine. //