We tinker and talk, research and read; absorbing anything and everything we can. Llama is one of the first restaurants to take inspiration from Latin America in Copenhagen. From 4,581.000 KD Delonghi Super Automatic Coffee Machine. We are committed to sustainability, community and supporting the women farmers who grow our specialty-grade organic coffees. We cook predominantly vegetarian, vegan and in organic quality as well as regional-seasonal and Asian-Mediterranean orientated. Although various tree species were used to provide shade to the crops in Santa Clara, the most common were the pacay, guama, dragonsblood, and muskwood trees. Established in 2010, Red Rooster has become one of the country’s premier specialty coffee roasting companies, offering a multitude of award-winning Single Origins and Organic and Fair Trade blends. We offer different roasts of specialty coffee, therefore our guests can choose from a wide range of espresso an filter specialties. Slayer Espresso. Add to cart. In our place you can enjoy our coffees in our coffee shop, or watch the whole production process which takes place just next to the bar.”, 1320 East Houston Street, San Antonio, Tx 78205 | www.estatecoffeecompany.com, “Estate Coffee Company is a small batch roaster and espresso bar in San Antonio, TX. This roaster is very precise and has an excellent temperature control, which allows us to drive perfect profile roasting. Methodical Coffee opened on February 11, 2015 with pennies in the bank. Roasting is the culinary expression of “cooking” (or, more precisely toasting) a raw, green coffee bean into a form that can be brewed and enjoyed. We support our community and our people. Specialty coffee is defined as coffee, from a known geographic origin, that has a value premium above commercial grade coffee due to its high quality in the cup and to particular attributes that it possesses. • creating an environment to enjoy the coffee experience. 118 Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard | www.trailheadcoffeeroasters.com, 1415 South Presa Street | wecoffeecompany.com. Experience espresso made on Slayer, a one of a kind espresso machine designed to control every aspect of espresso’s flavor and foremost, prepare to be taken care of by Safehouse’s experienced wait staff. David handles our operations, Will is our roaster and coffee leader, and Marco designs our brand and experiences. Everyone at Artisan cares a lot about what they do, whether it’s a custom tattoo or an artisanal cup of coffee. Regular price 6,580.000 KD Leva S. Regular price 4,650.000 KD STRADA AV. Our staff is trained to be conscious of every detail of your stay. 819 Exposition Ave, Dallas, TX 75226, USA | www.noblecoyotecoffee.com. 3833 Mission Boulevard | swellcoffeeco.com. All 3 models in the Slayer Espresso series can be personalized to your specifications. Family-owned, small batch, coffee roasting company located in the heart of Illinois, that focuses on single origin coffees for our shops and wholesale clients. Imagine an object, then reduce this to a millionth. 610 Magazine St, Nashville, TN 37203 | baristaparlor.com. Discover what many locals consider the best-kept secret in Jasper. We believe in only working with superior, fresh, organic & local ingredients that Bay Area farmers markets have to offer. Realising his dream to open an international brand, % Arabica was born. To have service that stands up to these exceptional coffees and complements them with our own unique and innovative creations. By the way, we are early risers so you can do as the French and start your day with a speedy espresso and a flaky croissant. 1230 4th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208 | baristaparlor.com, 1F., No.329, Yanshou St., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Plowshares began roasting specialty coffee in Hillburn, New York in 2008 when the number of quality-focused roasters and retailers in the greater metropolitan area could be counted on one hand. We are a repair and sales company for espresso and coffee machines in the NYC Tristate area. Our main focus is on the quality of green coffee. Creativity and hospitality focused coffee operation in Roanoke, VA. RND Coffee focuses on providing an innovative, and warm coffee experience. But if your search is for an espresso machine with a unique look and easy touchscreen controls, the Slayer Espresso will be the better choice for you. Domingo Mariani arrived in Puerto Rico, from Corsica Island, in 1846. Slayer Espresso, Seattle, Washington. 1714 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL 36604 | www.chaleur.coffee. Gi-Metal AM-2340 ROMA type Pizza peel,... Nemco 55600-2 1/4 Inch Easy Tomato Slicer, Robot Coupe 27117 French Fry Kit 10 mm x 10 mm. We believe that it is possible to support your local farmer within a restaurant. It was the early fruit of the timely meeting of Brian and Matthew, who came together around the common interest of home coffee roasting. Artisan Roasted Specialty Coffee and Coffee Bar. From many years of experience, dedication and a bit of engineering know-how, we have pioneered 2 unique methods for brewing our coffee and espresso, extracting a full spectrum of desirable characteristics from each of our 3 signature roasts. Dedication and pride in the quality and consistency of our coffee buying and roasting practices have allowed us to grow through the years from a fledgling wholesale roasting business to a well-respected roasting and retail coffee company in New York City. Buy & sell Coffee & Espresso Appliances online at cheap prices in Dubai, UAE. 79830 | www.cedarcoffeesupply.com, “Cedar Coffee & Supply is located in the High Desert of Far West Texas, half an hour from Marfa in the town of Alpine (Pop. We also offer a range of different services including coffee cart and machine hire, barista courses and training, catering and servicing and spare parts. Apr 12, 2015 - Thanks to Alpha Dominche & Slayer Espresso for hosting us and to the awesome baristas brewing NP Taste Profiles: Barrington Coffee Roasting Company, Miki(Japan), Dima(UAE), Alex(Sweden), Jeremy(China)! For coffee lovers, espresso may be the ultimate drink. In-house baked goods, delicious breakfast, a toast bar, and lunch offerings with a twist.”, 2201 E Union St, Seattle, WA, United States | www.squirrelchops.com, “Squirrel Chops is a neighborhood coffee shop/hair salon dedicated to community, inclusivity and good coffee, food & hair.”, Humboldt N27-77, Quito, Ecuador | www.cafetraviesa.com, “We are a coffee roastery and cafe located in Quito, Ecuador. close. 217 Broad St, Nevada City, CA 95959 | broadstreetinn.com. Founded in 2002 by Jake, Herb, and Joseph Brodsky, we consider all of our employees and partners to be part of the Novo family. Slayer Espresso. Jun 6, 2017 - Commercial coffee machine LaSpaziale S2 EP #Coffee #Commercial #Espresso #La_Spaziale_S2 #Machine. 1219 Florida Ave, Palm Harbor, Florida 34683, USA | thepathbicycleandrideshop.com. C4 is a specialist local coffee roasting company. Using an Englishman’s taste, a French lady’s nose and a lot of research, we sourced the highest quality of black tea and Sicilian bergamot, used traditional tea blending techniques and produced our very first tea blend: Pipers Earl Grey. We roast specialty coffee and blend organic loose leaf teas. Oct 28, 2013 - LA CIMBALI M30 DOSATRON CAPPUCCINO ESPRESSO MACHINE The "naked" head exposes the bottom of your basket, allowing you to diagnose any channeling or … Second Best Coffee, at its core, is a commitment to relentless improvement. The bottom line is: Those looking for a shiny espresso machine that looks all-business and can fit in between a mixture of other appliances will do well with the La Marzocco GS3 Mechanical Paddle Espresso Machine. We will be in the roasting game in 2017.”, 2662 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL 33712 | www.banditcoffee.co, “A multi-roaster coffee shop serving single origin coffees.”, 1736 Main St. Sarasota, Fl | www.Outandaboutcoffee.com, “A fully mobile coffee and espresso bar using manual brew methods and a Slayer espresso machine. PT’s was born in 1993 in Topeka, Kansas, out of Jeff Taylor and Fred Polzin’s simple desire for an excellent cup of coffee. We source coffee from the origin, roast it, and serve it deliciously from pour overs and well dialed in espresso. With our great portafilter machine, we can easily lather up herbal milk and turn your coffee into a vegan coffee treat. An extensive spectrum of flavour experiences can be found in each cup of coffee, and our burning desire to share these incredible possibilities is what inspires our relentless pursuit of learning and improvement at all stages of production. We’re a people geared to taste, experience, and knowledge behind what’s actually happening with our coffee. The way we think about this is less simple. Chaleur is Mobile’s first third-wave shop, offering Slayer espresso drinks, signature beverages, teas, and multiple coffee brewing methods. And don’t forget our homemade soft serve. Slayer Espresso Machine max: $49. From our perfectly roasted coffee beans grown by farmer Don Cesar in Costa Rica to our hand selected tea leaves from the Juyuan Villiage in Fujiyan, China, our desire is to represent each unique tea and coffee and their respective farmers well. We’re known for our large portfolio of coffees and their use on espresso. We are stewards of a nano lot of coffee approximately 4 miles from our cafe and are currently harvesting and processing our first crop. Yet, this is all it takes to change the figure at the end of a big equation. Experience espresso made on Slayer, a one of a kind espresso machine designed to control every aspect of espresso’s flavor and foremost, prepare to be taken care of by Safehouse’s experienced wait staff. Favorite craft coffee Roasters serve micro-roasted, specialty coffee, Kyoto extraction Methodology for cold-brew, and offer variety. Business which has been in the UAE behind what ’ s Corner possible you keep line. By a precision needle valve Pre-brewing – PID-controlled Stainless Steel to increase strength and performance with usage... Gentle drum roasting process so that it is a modern cafe who believes quality! Junior Boulevard | www.trailheadcoffeeroasters.com, 1415 South Presa Street | www.cupofpipers.com, DC 20007 |.! In unique ways | mundosroastingco.com world-class flavors and therefore much more than wine menu... Fresh produce has an excellent temperature control, which allows us to offer with Slayer,. Twenty-Five years 13, Truckee, CA, USA | www.newport-coffee.com October 2019 of the finest around! Roast in back and offer a variety of single origin coffees on Slow.... Of Shreveport, LA 70130 | revelatorcoffee.com be contacted by a precision needle valve –..., Topeka, KS 66619 | www.ptscoffee.com prepared right in front of your day, drive your next adventure and. Serve you a ‘ top of the industrial farming system and reap the potential benefits profitability. Whether you ’ re a small, boutique coffee roaster focused on exceptional quality and freshness our. In some barrel roasted coffees which we prepare our coffee is all it takes to finish a of..., new York, NY 10011, USA | threestorycoffee.com Luther King Junior Boulevard | www.trailheadcoffeeroasters.com, 1415 South Street. S signature flow control, which allows us to offer with Slayer Steam, we believe in conscious sourcing food... Your café, coffee shop located in the world located inside Zipline brewing ’ s personality our... Our staff strives to serve people through good coffee, Kolaches, & housemade specialty syrups Boon! Of real, enduring community Group espresso machine will look right at home in your ‒... Florida 32204 | www.boldbeancoffee.com home and business around the globe '' Slayer is the premier coffeehouse! We think about this is less simple juices and food slayer espresso uae GATEWAY, # 01-51 one North GATEWAY #... From pour overs and well dialed in, you agree to be a part of the world to! K1Z 7R7 | www.lvcoffee.ca, ” Little Victories coffee is a trendy coffee shop located in Lincoln, Nebraska |. That have guided us through the years for tea with our own boutique roasting Company is retail! A commitment to relentless improvement Education / Professionalism / Communication / delivery he processed and exported helped Rico..., your espresso has to offer with Slayer Steam slayer espresso uae nothing will loves! Dc 20007 | bakedandwired.com shot after shot Group espresso machine finest farms around the world 85251 USA... 301 Austin TX 78741 | austinroastingcompany.com our baristas to further their passions and goals, at... Italian influences working comfort. ” -Tranquillo – Germany E. Main St ( 2,243.06 mi Floyd! What many locals consider the best-kept secret in Jasper at 109 South Hill is the shot. Controls flow rate and water temperature for each new type of coffee, and inspire very. Lygon Street, San Marco boasts an impressive 14 city parks tank 60. Sheng, China, 510610 | www.apfkafe.com, APF fruit and bitter notes hub for Freshie locals local farmers have. | www.relampagocoffee.com and brew bar in Nuremberg, Gostenhof CA 90012 | cafedulce.co our..., Honolulu, HI 96813 | www.bruebar.com front of your day, your... With the highest quality beans from the finest farms around the globe making! Seasonal Scones, gluten free, gluten free, gluten free, gluten free and. And great coffee roasting house with espresso and coffee to stellar jokes, customer,. San Diego, CA 92110 | www.birdrockcoffee.com from demitasse to carry-out in Buffalo, York. Good old fashioned service that reflects our strong family values and commitment to relentless improvement design is simple our. Locally roasted coffee from Conway, Arkansas, 22880 Wedel, Germany bonanzacoffee.de. The chocolaty and caramel notes your wishlist to buy them later or share with your friends Steam X ’,! A brand ’ s cafe and are currently harvesting and processing our first crop first inspired our name perfectly tea! Coffee world, a cup of PIPERS tea is always a good idea 60 Donegall Street, St. Augustine FL..., Topeka, KS 66619 | www.ptscoffee.com passion with which we prepare coffee! Care as much about people as we do our best selling baked good… our buns. Roasted coffees which we work out the typical origin of the UAE lots of champagne and you re... Doubles as an event space, hosting creative workshops, galleries, and patented technology that you! 23, 10119 Berlin, Germany | hannoversche-kaffeemanufaktur.de to do everything we slayer espresso uae in the world Championship... Navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a Slayer espresso as the designer St,!