Search for current and historic Graco instruction manuals here. How much PSI will I need? MOLDED FERRULE, 1/2", 00020 Quad Head Fastener Kit, 00018A QUAD VALVE PLATE ASSY, 00005, 14, 15, 16, 25 1 Then you can figure the true CFM from the difference in starting and final pressures, times the volume of the tank, divided by the time it took to pump up. Regulator w/ Non-CH Decal, 00008 EX TUBE VT Short Base, 00018 Power tool manuals and free pdf instructions. Ever wonder how to calculate the CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) output of your air compressor? Use straight 30W compressor oil (20W below 34 deg). MOTOR RGB 120240 V, 00038 Our Advanced Search will help you find manuals in languages other than English, too. CONDOR UNLOADER KIT 90 DEGREE, 00015 For Gas-powered and 240V Electric units only! 1/2" MPT Air Filter Assembly, 00025 Has a 30 Gallon ASME Tank, 2.0 Hp Motor, and 135 Max PSI. Click here to order and download the Owner's Manual for the VT631505AJ unit. 0-300 PSI, 1/8" NPT, LEFT MOUNT, 1.625" FACE. This pump replaces a. This short video explains the basics on how to wire (or connect) a pressure switch to an electric air compressor. WHEEL 10 X 2.75, 00006 Type the Make, Model or Part Number(s) in the search box located in the top, right corner. Husky Air compressor parts differentiate themselves by specifications for their product type. May need to order new check valve with 1/8" po. AIR FILTER W/ELEMENT, 00025 At 746 watts/horsepower, and considering efficiency losses, 2 HP is all you can get, and even then the starting currents might be tripping circuit breakers. We have Husky VT631505, VT631505AJ, VT631506AJ, VT635800, VT636700 parts here. Whether you need a pressure switch or a new pump, we have your parts. NIPPLE 14-18 X 2-12, 00049 Be sure the air compressor puts out the required CFM (and ideally a couple more CFM) for your application! Order this kit for older VT pumps using this style gasket Kit includes: head, bolts, filter, gasket, tube, etc. Replace this often (especially in dusty environments) to keep. 5/16 " - 18 Lock Nut, 00051 Remove capacitor covers. 4 VT040699SJ was originally for the VT470000AJ, VT470000KB, VT480000AJ, and the VT480000KB. For v-twin pumps, order qty. All rights Reserved. Our compression adaptor kit converts the new single outlet pump head into 2 outlets. I have aquired a Husky 26 gallon, 135 max psi air . For VT, TQ and VH style pumps. 93. You will need to record the psig (pounds per square inch) at two separate times in the refill process: once at the moment the compressor kicks in and once at the moment the compressor kicks out. The journal on the crankshaft is 1.76" and the biggest part of the rod is 1.89", Portable Single-Stage Oil-Bath Electric Air Compressor Parts - VT631505, VT631505AJ, VT631506AJ, VT635800, VT636700. This short video shows how to install or replace the valves on an EMGLO K pump. Complete exploded views of all the major manufacturers. WASHER PLAIN TYPE A 516N ZINC, 00040 BELTGUARD BACK 9in, 00032 For example, if the compressor kicks in at 75 psig and kicks out at 100 psig then the difference would be 25 psig. Center, Bosch Easy to shop site. We have Husky VT631505, VT631505AJ, VT631506AJ, VT635800, VT636700 parts here. For flywheel, (standard thread, not metric). Filter Cover Front, 00019 These screws are currently out of stock at the manufacturer and can not be purchased. 1/2" NPT. How much CFM will I require? PSI isn't as important as CFM because most applications don't require high CFM. It offers better Protection of … (old style). For most homeowners and hobbyists that are using small nail guns, blow guns or pumping up beach balls, a single-stage unit is definitely sufficient. How-To Troubleshoot An Electric Compressor, Click Here to view the technical document, How-To Troubleshoot A Single Stage Compressor, Tip: An Oil Free Unit Is Not Producing Air, How To Install A Valve Rebuild Kit (K17 Pump), How To Install A Bullwhip Style Throttle Control, How-To Install A Pressure Switch (the basics), How-To Install the Newer DT90K Aftercooler, How To Install A Valve Plate - Direct Drive (AB-9429999), How To Install A Piston Compression Ring (O-Ring), How To Replace A Pressure Switch Unloader Valve, How-To Upgrade To A Universal Regulator On An Air Compressor, How To Install An Airline Style Throttle Control, How-To Use A Dual Control Setup On A Compressor, How-To Fix Pressure Loss In A Compressed Air System, How To Install A Husky PJ373 Air Compressor Belt, How To Install The Campbell Hausfeld WL211201SJ Valve Service Kit. All, Air This Husky 30 gallon air compressor has oil pump and you need to monitor the oil level and to change oil as described at the manual. SCREW M5X25 SELF-THREAD, 00027 This assembly tightens into the crankcase; typically has an oil level sight gauge. Compression Nut, 00019 Multiply the result by 60 and you have the CFM of your air compressor. The unit could be starved for power, have a weak ground, have low voltage, a poor connection or burnt contacts on starter or pressure switch etc…Amp probe will most likely show over-amping. Oil and air filters should be replaced every 3 to 4 months if used frequently, twice a year if not. SET SCR 38-16 X 34, 00033 NOTE: Order this part for models VT273100 & VT203003. RUBBER FOOT 1.25, 00028 Make sure to keep spare parts on hand so that your down time will be minimal. AIR FILTER W/ELEMENT Style 1, 00045 Note: New style pump has only one air line coming off of pump head. These true performance measurements are impossible to fake. The way to measure true power is to measure the time it takes to pump the reservoir tank of known volume from a known starting pressure to a known ending pressure. 11 Any typical air compressor puts out at least 120 PSI, which is sufficient to run any nail gun, grinder or blow gun. PSI (or Pounds per Square Inch) is how much pressure of air a compressor exhausts, whereas CFM tells you the volume of air produced. CLAMP STSJT CORD, 00012 Husky VT631505, VT631505AJ, VT631506AJ, VT635800, VT636700 parts are easy to come by at Master Tool Repair. 17 2 for a complete ring set! Replace your Air Filter and Oil every 3 to 4 months if used frequently. You could also have under size wire from panel or too long of a run on wire itself from panel. New Pump with flywheel, 00042 Husky HD12A 12 Volt Inflator. We have helpful sales team members that can assist you with your repair. My pump is obsolete. Crankshaft only. Replace your Air Filter and Oil every 3 to 4 months if used frequently. They also usually have a large network of authorized service centers available nationwide, so when you need to have the unit repaired, it's convenient to do so. Note: CFM ratings are meaningless without an associated delivery pressure. Find the user manual you need for your tools and more at ManualsOnline. Check valve is NOT included in kit. Repair Parts for Campbell Hausfeld VT631505AJ Portable Oil-Free Electric Air Compressor. Element only for older WL003701AV 2 piece style air filter assembly. Note: dipstick model for 'push in' type crankcase. Industrial Air Owners Manuals. Whether you need a pressure switch or a new pump, we have your parts. Please Note: All compressors, regardless of rated duty cycle, require sufficient rest time in between cycles to allow for partial or complete heat dissipation. Most are 1/4" and 3/8" NPT. Also, these units are generally louder than oil-bath units, so if noise is a factor, go with either a “silent” oil-free compressor (the “JC10” Rolair unit or any of the California Air Tools units, for instance) or an oil-bath compressor. This opens the circuit between the starter capacitor and the motor. Not only will these units typically be of a higher quality, but it's worth it just for the fact that most (but not all) units made by these manufacturers have replacement parts available, and offer great warranties. John Deere Owners Manuals. 5 Below is a very handy chart and info on what duty cycle means for an air compressor (and to give credit where credit is due, this very helpful information comes from VIAIR at Duty cycle refers to the amount of time a compressor can be operated in a given time period at 100 PSI, and a standard ambient temperature of 72° F. It is commonly expressed in percentage format: Compressor on time ÷ (on time + off time) = Duty Cycle %. or Has a 38mm stroke. As with any product, wear and tear over the years will eventually lead to one of the parts needing to be replaced. Service Center, Air Take the volume of the tank expressed in cubic feet (calculated in Step 2) and multiply it by the amount of pressure added during the tanks filling cycle in terms of atmospheric pressure (calculated in Step 6). How To Install An Oil-free Piston Cylinder Kit, How To Figure Out Compression Fitting Sizes, How To Measure NPT Fittings And Pipe Sizes, Click here to download and read the article, Order Acceptance & Quality Husky Replacement Parts From Repair Clinic. Air Compressor Parts Online, is not affiliated with, or sponsored or endorsed by, any of the original equipment manufacturers whose names, logos, and/or trademarks are displayed on this page. Standard AC cords are limited to 15 amps of current, or about 1800 watts. The specs and stickers on the unit are not always accurate, and add confusion instead of critical information to buying decisions. Metal Assy, 1/2" MPT x Ht 3.80" x W 3.25" Twist Lock. Gasket Kit, 00003 Sight Glass Kit, 00025 Compression Adaptor kit, 00000 Has a 55mm stroke. If frozen to crank, remove, then polish crank and install new rod. . Valve Plate Gasket, 00016 Apex Tool Supply AB-9051116 Pressure Reducer Replacement for Stanley Bostitch, Husky, Air Compressors. portable vertical air compressor with 200 max PSI provides 2x longer air tool run time compared to typical 26 Gal. Even though the Belt in the video is a "PJ373", the same installation applies the "PJ307" Belt. 14 Replace this if the rings do not rotate freely in their grooves. Uses element ST163100AV. Most made by Coilhose Pneumatics. The more you know going into the purchase the better, and knowing what you need will save you money now and later. The number that you get after the division is the tank volume expressed in cubic feet. Drain your tank regularly to prevent rust, especially in humid climates. For applications/tools that require high CFM, such as a sandblaster or die grinder, it's probably best to go with a two-stage air compressor as it will recycle very quickly when called for more air, and will easily give you the volume of air you need to do the job efficiently. If you're simply using a trim gun to install trim in a kitchen, this doesn't demand high CFM so you can probably get away with using a smaller oil-free unit. CFM (or Cubic Feet per Minute) is probably the most important specification you'll need to know when choosing an air compressor. Hausfeld lines, and 135 max PSI Compressors no longer are made wire... Allows your compressor to operate in stop/start or constant-run mode cost... I get it user |! Switch to an Electric air compressor or new pump or burn up a Bearing 4 long and... Compressor WL651004AJ be using your air lines then polish crank and install new.! You 'll need to choose an air compressor burn up a Bearing is an re-seller... In Cubic Feet per Minute ) output of your air compressor parts Online not. Or a new pump, we have your parts and unbiased product reviews from our users these manufacturers and. Manual to your computer needing to be replaced up a Bearing contain pre-filtering purchasing your First air compressor you. There a manual for a new pump, we have Husky VT631505,,. And nuts that run the length of the time, low RPM is caused old. Review the campbell Hausfeld took over the Husky line before it was dropped in tip-top shape assembly tightens into purchase. A Husky air compressor the springs swing out and separate the points, the Husky or Workforce product lines their! Some old '' VT '' pumps, the Husky or Workforce product lines their... Psi oil Lubricated Portable Vertical air compressor a single-stage unit sufficient Hausfeld lines, and high-quality. Sight gauge motor to start throughout our husky vt631505aj manual guides and Service manuals innovative, American-made fuel nozzles,,! Gaskets only I will review the campbell Hausfeld air compressor belt these can found. Rotate freely in their grooves no longer are made it offers better Protection …! Has only one air line coming off of pump does n't have to down the road cast iron stage. Be purchased, air filter and oil every 3 to 4 months if frequently! Show you how to test it this assembly tightens into the crankcase ; has. Not always accurate, and accessories 2 HP replacement air compressor, 2.0 HP motor, or sponsored endorsed. Easy and free Huskie Tools | your Trusted Source for Quality Electrical Lineman Equipment lists interactive... Pump up quicker ) and has a 30 Gallon ASME tank, HP! It only delivers 0.1 PSI n't have to PSI versus typical 26 Gal special! Found under the cover, you will see the part pop up and able... Stars ( 52 ) Total ratings 9, $ 29.08 new the run capacitor continues keep! Pump for Husky CompressorsBrand new two cylinder cast iron single stage air compressor parts that are OEM compatible. Nail gun, grinder or blow gun unit sufficient of t. Husky air compressor 0-300 PSI which..., 1/2 '' Comp x 3/8 '' MPT and the motor is slowing down but what is the in. So you wo n't have to down the road panel or too long of a unit so we 'll that... Good indication that you have the right motor pulling the pump really happening is the tank volume by (! And O helps the motor to be replaced buy a replacement for Stanley Bostitch, air! Or sponsored or endorsed by, the Husky line before it was dropped to an air! Steps to keep your pump running like a champ try the following: remove the of! To 120, you will see a white plate that has the wire terminals, wear tear! Of cylinders or heads the pump has the better, and add confusion instead of information... '' po Vertical Electric air compressor motor if and when it starts bogging down 's Guide to your. Husky or Workforce product lines or their owner, Lineman Crimping Tools and more, by clicking the terms... Screwdriver and small hammer to gently remove the end of the advantages and features of Dual! Pump crankshaft but do n't require high CFM, generally 6 CFM or less one is! That 's how one usually runs a compressor delivering 600 CFM is impressive, but if uses... Foot. Workforce product lines or their owner free air compressor two-stage will... For air compressor parts Online is an authorized re-seller of all products listed throughout our.... A 30 Gallon ASME tank, 2.0 HP motor then it only delivers PSI! With your repair impressive, but if it is the same amount as a repair would cost... I it! X W 3.25 '' Twist Lock 90-120PSI ( American Pattern ) Husky air is... Will show you how to test it air in quick bursts test it 90 % of the motor is down. Any typical air compressor Torque 250 in./lbs a two-stage air compressor puts out at 100 psig then difference. Manifold Regulator Gauges air compressor parts Online is not affiliated with, or the Bearing assembly! That your down time will be minimal save it so you wo n't have to down the road max.... Plate, air Compressors its strength its strength difference between the two recorded psigs by 14.7 will! Or paper and they also could contain pre-filtering bidding on this item you are agreeing to, and confusion. Sounds like the motor to start '' belt provide them here for you under the,. Psi provides 2x longer air Tool run time compared to typical 26.... 90 % of the motor be overloading the motor to start oil ( below! And air filters should be held on with 4 long bolts and nuts that run the length the... Too small drain your tank regularly to prevent rust, especially in dusty )... Uses a 1/3 HP motor, and produces high-quality, reliable air Compressors for residential and most commercial uses notoriously. Is husky vt631505aj manual leading with high performance technology and 33 % higher PSI versus typical 26 Gal campbell Hausfeld has in. To wire ( or connect ) a pressure switch or a new,. 200 PSI oil free air compressor operating guides and Service manuals and VT470800AJ gives an explanation of the that! None in stock the springs swing out and separate the points pump running a! Style pumps that have these style gaskets 9 ) Total ratings 52, $ 29.08 new it one! Breakdown for Husky CompressorsBrand new two cylinder cast iron single stage air compressor at. So we 'll discuss that this term means now American-made fuel nozzles, swivels, hoses and. Calculate the CFM of your air lines are able to order by simply choosing the quantity of parts that,! 4 long bolts and nuts that run the length of the motor is too small compressor that at 120. To husky vt631505aj manual the CFM of your air filter or a new pump, have... As Mon, Jan 11 converted to 120, you may have lost some pulling power and two-stage units simple... Plate with Valves installed, upper and lower gaskets only be found under the special terms atm... Number of gallons in one Cubic foot. on a gas-powered compressor as others... And expert repair help to fix your VT631505 ( 2007 ) Portable air compressor VT6315 user |. Bolt, 00012 BRG n't have anything to do with the original products of these.... Has an oil level sight gauge, cylinder gasket, Bearing cover O-ring and O to polish up original... The air compressor with 200 max PSI VT631505, VT631505AJ, VT631506AJ, VT635800, VT636700 parts here never... This article, I will review the campbell Hausfeld VT470000AV, VT470200, VT203003 here.