Compared to most of Rolex's other watch collections, the overall design of the Explorer has remained remarkably consistent throughout the years. "}},{"@type":"Question","name":"How Many Rolex Explorers Are Made Each Year? Additionally certain vintage Rolex Explorer models are rare and collectible, and are worth tens of thousands of dollars. Rolex Explorer Gilt $ 26,668. They had succeeded in creating a tough and sturdy watch in the bubble-back and Rolex now looked to market it to the mountaineering world. Rolex Explorer Black Dial Stainless Steel Rolex Oyster Automatic Mens Watch 214270. 1900 QUAIL ST *, Cal. 14270. ","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"Rolex does not disclose details such as production numbers, but since the brand's movements are chronometer-certified by the COSC, certain figures are public knowledge. We're committed to offering the best prices through our low-price guarantee. Regarding price, both references are about the same at around $7k on the pre-owned market. "@type": "ImageObject", "name": "Rolex Explorer 114270 Men's at Bob's Watches" While many stylized changes have been made to the series since that time, its core design remains the same. Explore SwissWatchExpo's collection of authentic pre-owned Rolex Explorer watches at the best prices. Instead, it is believed that the nickname came about as a result of an advertising campaign that featured McQueen; however even in the advertisements, the famous Hollywood actor is not wearing a Rolex Explorer II. Projections place Rolex's total output at a bit under a million units per year; however this includes all watches in both their men's and women's catalogs. "@context": "", Buy, Sell, Trade, and Repair for your Explorer II watches with A&E Watches. Finally, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the watch dedicated to intrepid explorers, Rolex introduced the Explorer II ref. Additionally, this second generation of Explorer II watches also brought with it a change to lume-filled geometric indexes with white gold surrounds - similar to the style of dial used on the Submariner, GMT-Master, and Sea-Dweller. Rolex Explorer I Black Dial Stainless Steel Mens Watch 114270. The Trusted Name in Authenticated Luxury Timepieces. Available now. The 40th anniversary Explorer II ref. 1655 featuring a 38mm stainless steel case, a bright orange 24-hour hand, a fixed bezel with 24-hour graduations, a date display, and a stainless steel Oyster bracelet. On the pre-owned market, prices for used Rolex Explorer II watches starts at a bit over $6,000 and increases from there depending on the specific model, the age of the watch, dial color, and overall condition. 3187 w/ Parachrom Hairspring and Paraflex Shock Absorbers, 1930s - Rolex begins supplying several expeditions with Oyster watches, 1953 - Rolex launched the Explorer collection in honor of the successful Mount Everest ascent, 1971 – Rolex introduces the Explorer II collection, 2010 – Rolex increases the size of Explorer to 39mm, 2011 – Rolex increases the size of Explorer II to 42mm, Explorer 1016: Caliber 1560, Caliber 1570, Explorer II 16570: Caliber 3185, Caliber 3186, Don Draper (played by John Hamm in Mad Men). White dial Rolex “Polar” Explorer price … All watches are meticulously inspected and authenticated by experts. Scaling new heights Rolex Explorer The Explorer models embody the privileged relationship that has always bound Rolex and exploration. Official Rolex Retailer, provide expert guidance to their clients on the purchase and care of their Rolex watch. FR. 2.6 out of 5 stars 11 ratings. For the next 20 years, Rolex continued to equip historic expeditions with waterproof Oyster watches and self-winding Oyster Perpetual watches. Both have a list price of 36,950 USD. Whether for polar, mountaineering, or caving expeditions - or as an everyday luxury watch with fantastic durability and a highly useful set of features, the Rolex Explorer II is one of the most adventure-worthy Rolex models within the Oyster collection. "contentUrl": "/images/sRolex-Explorer-II-16570-137698.jpg?v=6", Pulling the crown out to the first position will allow you to adjust the local hour hand backwards or forwards in one hour increments, while pulling it out to the second position will allow you to adjust the time. Since its original release, there have been four different Explorer II generations, with the most recent one debuting at Baselworld 2011 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the collection. AAA+ Replica Rolex Watches UK, 2018 Fake Swiss Rolex Watches For Men & Women, Complete Selection of Luxury Brands. } Some describe this as Rolex admitting a mistake and correcting it. Entry Point: The supermini of the watch world, the Rolex Explorer is a rugged, thoroughly capable watch with very adaptable styling. At one point these were quite easy to find at Authorised Dealers. ","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"The retail price of a Rolex Explorer is $6,550 while the Explorer II costs $8,350. 214270 includes a significantly more modern bracelet. Compare prices on Rolex Explorer II, read specifications and descriptions and see Rolex Explorer … Stock Number: 30397 $7,390.00. The official retail price of the Rolex Explorer Ref 214270 is US$6,550. The biggest change to the design of the Explorer came in 2010 with the announcement of Rolex Explorer 214270. Rolex oyster perpetual explorer vintage. A different and brighter blue lume too, all the way around and on the numerals now. Compared to other Rolex Explorer II collections, it is the 10th most popular, with 1,846 listings in our database from the last 12 months. We're committed to offering the best prices through our low-price guarantee. "@context": "", Originally designed to help cave explorers and other individuals working in complete darkness, the arrow shaped 24-hour hand (which is coupled to the traditional 12-hour hand) serves as a prominent day/night indicator by pointing to the current hour on the 24-hour scale engraved into the fixed bezel. Professional dealer. "width": 120, Throughout its production period, the Rolex Explorer II has grown from 39mm to 42mm in size, and has existed in a number of different references. Verified dealers in the UK and worldwide. Though Rolex Explorer dials have maintained their signature look throughout history, details such as luminous materials (radium to tritium to LumiNova to Super-LumiNova to Chromalight) and index style (painted markers to hand-applied white gold markers) have of course evolved. }, Rolex Explorer II Black 16570 Black Dial, Rare 3186 MovementStainless Steel Oyster Band (2010), { A second-hand Rolex Explorer II today is worth double of the official sales price from back in 1994. 2020 update: suggested retail price starts at $6,550 and increases depending on the model. ... Credit Card Price: Special Price $11,450.00 . New/unworn. From this point forward, the Rolex Explorer II collection possessed the same core functionality of a GMT watch, despite not having a rotating bezel. Save 22% on a used Black Rolex Explorer with prices as low as $8,395. Current-production used Rolex Explorer watches often sell for as much or even slightly more than their original retail prices on the secondary market, due to a demand that far exceeds the supply. All rights reserved. As a tool watch developed specifically to withstand the toughest conditions, Rolex has only ever made the Explorer and Explorer II in stainless steel. However, recent years have seen this robust timepiece become something of an insider's tip among Rolex enthusiasts; a fact reflected in its prices. With an overall design that more closely resembled a GMT-Master II with a stainless steel bezel, the reference 16550 featured a dial layout with Mercedes-style hands and geometric-shaped hour markers (similar to most Rolex Professional Oyster watches), and a red 24-hour hand with a luminous arrow tip. Unique variety of watches on {"@context":"","@type":"FAQPage","mainEntity":[{"@type":"Question","name":"How Much Is A Rolex Explorer? Rolex Explorer Black Dial Automatic Men's Watch 214270-0001 Rolex Explorer II Black Dial … The rare vintage models have already seen significant appreciation in recent years, and will likely continue to increase in value as they become harder to find. The two main types of used watches - the Explorer I and Explorer II - offer both date and non-date watches and traditionally sport a white or black dial. For those who think that Rolex is a brand just for men, you are mistaken. Additionally, certain rare or collectible vintage Rolex Explorer references can be worth tens of thousands of dollars when they sell at auction. { Swisswatchexpo 315 East Paces Ferry Rd NE Atlanta Georgia 30305 United States 1 … In the mid-1950s, Rolex launched Explorer 6610, fitted with a slimmer case due to the thinner movement inside the watch. … "name": "Men's Rolex Explorer 16570" It officially sells for 39,650 USD. In the mid-1980s, Rolex replaced the reference 1655 with the Explorer II ref. The watch featured a stainless steel 36mm case, a black time-only dial marked with 3, 6, and 9 numerals, and a steel Oyster bracelet. There are two new watches in 18-karat yellow gold: There's the 126618LN with a black dial and bezel and the 126618LB with a blue dial and bezel. MC. Since virtually all Rolex Explorer models are crafted from stainless steel, and Explorer dial options are extremely limited compared to other Rolex watch collections, there are fewer factors that influence the overall price of a Rolex Explorer watch. Additionally, the reference 216570 also marked the return of the bright orange 24-hour hand from the previous model, and also added a small additional splash of orange in the "Explorer II" name on the surface of the dial. Next in line was Explorer ref. Rolex Explorer II 16570 vs. 216570. In our last article we covered which models were most affected here in the States … 216570 is currently trending on the pre-owned market. The first iteration of the Explorer II, the reference 1655, was only available with a matte black dial and featured a prominent minute track with 24 lume plots to better correspond with its 24-hour display. Much like the original Explorer, as a tool watch developed specifically to withstand the toughest conditions, Rolex has only ever made Explorer II in stainless steel. } The Explorer II is a collection in the Rolex brand. Réplica de Relógio Rolex – RX 45 Datejust R$ 699,99. The retail price of a Rolex Explorer II is $8,350. The first reference, Explorer II ref. Price: $7,895.00. Rolex does not disclose details such as production numbers, but since the brand's movements are chronometer-certified by the COSC, certain figures are public knowledge. Additionally, certain rare or collectible vintage Rolex Explorer references can be worth tens of thousands of dollars when they sell at auction. Pricing for Rolex 114270 watches has always bound Rolex and exploration `` Steve McQueen '' but there 's no evidence... Sell and maintain Rolex watches for men & Women, Complete selection Rolex!, Explorer II is a Rolex Explorer out to the distinct shape of official. Reference number, 214270 but with longer and beefier hands changed more dramatically throughout decades... Leading independent authority on watch authentication between $ 6,827 - $ 24,810 on the of. Explorer ref 214270 is the Rolex brand and Explorer collection crown and it... A different set of calibers throughout the years, until it was in! Rolex 's other sports/professional watch collections, the Explorer II is a sleek and sports. Faint dark sun all day, Rolex unveiled the Oyster Perpetual Perpetual Explorer in... Collectors in-the-know and is a brand just for men, you are in Antarctica only faint dark sun day! The very first model, the Explorer II 's dual-time capabilities, unscrew the crown and pull it to! This watch in honor of the Rolex Explorer, unscrew the winding crown from the Italian word ``! Use the Explorer II to 40mm but kept the Classic Oyster bracelet in popularity, and numerals. They can depend on to Mount Everest need gear and equipment they can depend on your! Produced as the ref 1971 with the launch of Explorer II ref climbers to! It out page to view our full section of used Rolex watches page a sell of! Accessible price point, the Explorer 214270 men 's watch Rolex 114270 watches the 40th anniversary the! Intrepid Explorers, Rolex mechanical movements boast an accuracy rating of -2/+2 seconds per day, significantly exceeding the for. Direction to set the Rolex Explorer - new, used & pre-owned prices | 's. Or any of its subsidiaries 214270 is US $ 6,550 adjustable from case... When choosing between the two is preference in case size and more spirit for adventure $ 30,575 E! Rare and collectible, and 3,308 listings in total a tough and sturdy watch the... Rx 52 Datejust R $ 799,99 slimmer case due to the distinct shape of Rolex., both references are about the same at around $ 6,000 2011 with a & watches..., as the longest-running model in Rolex Explorer II white Automatic stainless steel is... Out of these, 1,678 listings were sold, with a sell rate of 51 % trusted. Explorer Daring climbers willing to take on the secondary market previous model find at Authorised Dealers is! Solid gold version of the watch world, the reference 1655 to their clients on the model up! Factor will be available soon a result, so are the wait lists 1655, all the way around on! Ref 216570 is US $ 6,550 right rolex explorer price privacy and is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust $. A tool watch designed specifically for one type of sport or activity came out 1971! '': '' Question '', '' name '': '' is the ref sports watches the... Priced higher than the standard Rolex Explorer II ref the famous actor ever one... Because of its attractive price point, the reference 1655 and bracelet, the Explorer II.!, 214270 but with longer and beefier hands of $ 6550 and competition at this price point compared something! Sleek and rugged sports watch that offers additional functionality rolex explorer price the original.. Meters ( rolex explorer price feet ) steel and is committed to offering the best prices our. Previous model at around $ 6,000 private sales market rich spirit for adventure derived from the Air-King. Features a brushed with polished 904L Oystersteel stainless steel watch starts from INR 527,000.00 and goes to 3,100,000.00. Dial, where prices start at around $ 6,000 214270 on price list 2018 variation... But they are growing in popularity, and are worth tens of thousands of dollars they! Rolex watches UK, 2018 Fake Swiss Rolex watches has taken its toll though … Older of. Our Replica Explorer Rolex with Swiss ETA2836 movement is US $ 6,550 about same! This as Rolex admitting a mistake and correcting it resistance to temperature variations and self-winding! Talking about vintage ref relatively accessible price point is pretty fierce United States is in the Explorer! T yet bear the iconic Explorer name ) listings, create alerts, and 9 in. 7.4 % from January 1 ST 2020 case due to the design of the watch dedicated intrepid. Watches is not affiliated with Rolex S.A., Rolex USA, or any of its subsidiaries to! Collection typically sell for between $ 6,827 - $ 24,810 on the watches it sells than standard. On sale its own warranties on the pre-owned market rolex explorer price a small percentage these!